Alien Technology® manufactures a scope of EPC Gen 2 inlays designed to deliver ideal performance in a variety of applications. Powered either by the larger memory Higgs™3 UHF RFID IC or the volume focused Higgs™4 UHF RFID IC, Alien® offers a scope of RFID inlays that fit a wide assortment of sizes, applications, characteristics and needs. All Alien inlays are World Tag compliant, empowering operation over the different frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. A few tags are world tags with specially tuned performance for ideal conduct in specific areas. See the tag matrix on the accompanying pages. Please refer to Alien’s Alien's Higgs-3 and Higgs-4 product overviews for details on the RFID IC capabilities. Alien has the ability to outline custom tags for appropriate volume applications (under suitable business terms) and can offer reference designs under license.

Inlays: Squiggle Family

Applications :

Item/asset tracking including: pallet placards, cases, baggage, denim, poly bags, electronics, apparel tags and boxed items.

Features :

Squiggle is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized general purpose tags. Family develops the Squiggle highlights into various form factors. One of the best performing general purpose tag family available on the market. Intended to function admirably in challenging environments.

Benefits :

Well proven design for a wide scope of worldwide applications. All Alien tag are world tags and function admirably in all regions. Tags denoted with an "E" on the model number (and name) are specially tuned for ideal execution in Europe (yet are still world tags). An extremely powerful general purpose tag (for extreme robustness in high dielectric environments - see Aliens "G" or "BAT" tags).