APL 3500

The new print & Apply system for secondary packaging (cases,packs, bags,etc.) and for high cadences is the most complete of the APL 3500 range. It is fully compatible with any of the leading print engines in the market and adaptable to any specific need.Fast, compact and adaptable.Design with the technology required to satisfy the highest demands and fulfill the biggest production volumes.Its clean design and small size makes it easy to add to any production line. Featured full TCP/IP communication, a complete PLC wih input and output ports and a touchscreen.

Applications :

Blow application : (APPLICATION SPEED: Up to 125 labels/minute)
Lineal application: (APPLICATION SPEED: Up to 50 labels/minute)
Corner application : (APPLICATION SPEED: Up to 32 labels/minute)
Wipe Application : (APPLICATION SPEED: Up to 18 meters/minute (300 mm/seg))
Dual application : (APPLICATION SPEED: Up to 30 labels/minute)

Technical specifications :

Power supply: 110 / 220 V. 50 / 60 Hz.
Pneumatic supply: Dry air 6 atm. 110-120 litres/minute
Temperature: +41ºF (+5ºC) - +104ºF (+40ºC)
Humidity: 20% - 85% non-condensed

Printing features :

Print Engine:Datamax, Intermec, Zebra & Sato
Resolution:8 to 12 dots (203 or 300 dpi)
Speed:Up to 125 labels per minute
Package:Boxes, cases, bags, wrap packs
Label position:top, side, front, rear, and corner