APL-ELV 8000

Variable heights Print & Apply double pallet and half pallet labeling automatically. Users may select single or multiple panel labelling at irregular predfined heights or place the system at the desiderated height manually. Industrial & Effective,Specially developed for diverse height pallet labeling as well as automatically labeling different heights within the same pallet.APL ELV allows for selection of different pallet panel printing and application labeling at irregular predefined heights with its wide range of models.Being equipped with auto-break guarantees an accurate label placement in each and every printing and application cycle.

Applications :

End-of-line Palet Labelling.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Consumption 4A
Environment: From 5 ºC to 40 ºC (+40 ºF to +104 ºF)
Humidity: From 10-90% non – condensing (depending on label material)

Printing Features

Label size:
Maximum width: 120 mm. / 170 mm. (4.72 in / 6.69 in)
Maximum length: 210 mm. (8.26 in)
Print max. width:
112 mm. (DT) / 110 mm. (TT) (4.4 in / 4.3 in)
167,4 mm. (6.59 in)